ворота Hormann

Ворота hormann

Hormann Sectional Garage Door

A world leader in garage and industrial doors, Hormann offer the most complete range of insulated sectional doors for commercial and domestic use with the highest levels of attention to safety, quality and technology


sectional doors'Combi door'


LTE 40LPU 40'designer sectional doorsLPU 40

Standard UK Hormann Sectional Door Designs

Small Panelled


Small Ribbed


Medium Ribbed


Large Ribbed


S Panelled Decograin


M Ribbed Decograin


L Ribbed Decograin

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LTH 40


Hormann steel sectional doors are finished as standard in white polyester paint (RAL 9016) - a finish which if you wish can be lightly rubbed down and painted. Most people don't bother to do this as Hormann offer a comprehensive factory finished RAL colour range as an optional finish to the exterior - over 400 RAL colours to choose from!

Titan Silkgrain

RAL 7030
Stone Grey

 RAL 7035
Light Grey

RAL 1015
Light Ivory

RAL 5014
Pigeon Blue

RAL 5003
Sapphire Blue
RAL 5011
Steel Blue

RAL 9006
White Aluminium
RAL 8003
Clay Brown

RAL 8001
Ochre Brown

RAL 8028
Terra Brown

RAL 3003
Ruby Red

RAL 6009
Fir Tree Green

RAL 6005
Moss Green

RAL 7016


Golden Oak

Dark Oak

Night Oak

Titan Metallic/CH703 Winchester Oak



Side tension springs or 'Z track' sectional doors only require 100mm of headroom as the curve in the tracking can be a tighter radius than the larger doors.

Torsion springs or 'N track' sectional doors require 210 mm of headroom as the spring mechanism is directly above the top door panel and the track curve is not as tight.

low headroom option

extra high tracking

'Combi sectional doors


Hormann sectional garage doors feature the following - as standard:

Fully sealed perimeter

Vertical operation

Excellent security

Easy operation

Paint finishes

Remote control ready

Full drive through

10 year guarantee



Hormann sectional door closing

Hormann sectional door viewed inside

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LPU40 and LTE40

Hormann Sectional Door Models Explained

 LTE 40

Single skin galvanised steel panels - ideal for garages where security or insulation are not required. The locking is the same for all doors but the double skinned doors obviously are stronger against prolonged attacks.

LPU 40

42mm double skin insulated steel panels -  The largest of the ranges with the widest range of sizes and designs in woodgrain, silkgrain and Decograin finishes. Excellent levels of insulation and strength in the panels.

 LTH 40 

Solid timber handmade door panels - Very high quality hand made timber door panels in either Nordic Pine or Hemlock. Standard or bespoke designs with the computer routing system available from the factory.


Large domestic sectional door using commercial operating mechanism. More limited range of panels are all used from the LPU40 range

SPU 40

42mm commercial specification insulated door (up to 8000mm wide) with ribbed designs and almost any colour. Ideal for very large openings or high useage garages or car parks.

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Hormann Sectional Door Range Overview

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Hormann LTE 40 - Non-Insulated Steel Range
Model Design Image Panel Finish Max Width
Max Height
LTE40 S Ribbed Woodgrain 5000 3000
LTE40 M Ribbed Woodgrain 5500 3000v
LTE40 S Panelled Woodgrain 3000 3000

Hormann LPU 40 - 42mm Insulated Steel Range
Model Design Image Panel Finish Max Width
Max Height
LPU40 S Ribbed


6500 3000
LPU40 M Ribbed


6500 3000
LPU40 L Ribbed


6500 3000
LPU40 M Ribbed Decograin 5500 3000
LPU40 S Panelled Decograin 5500 3000
LPU40 L Ribbed Decograin 5500 3000
LPU40 Designer Silkgrain 5000 3000
Hormann SPU 40 - 42mm Commercial Steel Range
 SPU40 Combi Door   Stucco 7000 5000
Hormann LTH 40 - Timber Door Range
Model Design Image Panel Finish Max Width
Max Height
LTH40 S Boarded Nordic Pine 5000 3000
LTH40 V Panelled Nordic Pine 5000 3000
LTH40 S Boarded Hemlock 5000 3000
LTH40 V Panelled Hemlock 5000 3000
LTH40 Special Design Nordic Pine 5000 3000

Special Design

Hemlock 5000 3000

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Source: http://www.thegaragedoorcentre.co.uk/hormannsectionalgaragedoors.php

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