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The Nissan Juke is the SUV that kick-started the trend for jacked-up small cars.

Designed as an alternative to more conservative hatchbacks such as the Ford Fiesta, it has been a huge success thanks, in part, to its distinctive looks.

The Juke combines these looks with tempting prices, strong resale values, lots of on-board technology and reasonable fuel economy – features that have helped it remain a big seller, even though many other car makers have followed in its footsteps.

Today, the Juke faces competition from a varied selection of cars that includes the Renault captur, Vauxhall Mokka and Citroën C4 Cactus.

Cars in this market have a tough brief to fill. They need to be compact, and take up no more space on your driveway than a conventional hatchback, but they also need to be practical enough for families.

This last area is one where the Juke is far less impressive, because it's really quite cramped in the back.

Would the Nissan Juke make sense as your next car, then? Read on over the following pages for everything you need to know before buying one, including which engine and trim to choose.

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