Nissan X-trail 2015 - Большой тест-драйв (видеоверсия) / Big Test Drive

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Nissan X-trail 2015 - Большой тест-драйв (видеоверсия) / Big Test Drive

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Nissan Releases New X-TRAIL HYBRID

YOKOHAMA, Japan (April 7, 2015) - Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. today announced the launch of the new Nissan X-Trail Hybrid, which goes on sale on May 13, 2015 at Nissan dealers throughout Japan.

20X HYBRID "Emergency Brake Package"

The current generation X-Trail has garnered good reviews from customers for its excellent driving performance, realized by features such as its ALL MODE 4X4-i system and advanced chassis control technologies that have been adopted as world-firsts – as well as a variety of safety features such as Emergency Brake and Around View Monitor with Intelligent Parking Assist.

Equipped with the 2.0-liter MR20DD hybrid engine that enables both driving and environmental performance, the new X-Trail Hybrid delivers a comfortable driving experience with its powerful acceleration and remarkable quietness, which eclipse those of typical 2.5-liter gasoline engines. In addition, all the grades achieve tax exemptions. In addition, the new X-Trail Hybrid will have Forward Emergency Braking as standard equipment, expanding its safety technology features. Nissan is planning to introduce Forward Emergency Braking as standard on major models in Japan, by the end of autumn 2015.

Intelligent Dual Clutch Control is Nissan's original, highly efficient hybrid system that drives the wheels and regenerates electricity by using one motor. With one of the two clutches completely separating the motor from the engine, EV mode driving in high-speed situations and highly efficient regeneration are realized. Thereby, the new X-Trail Hybrid achieves fuel economy of 20.6km/L (JC08 mode)*1 and the 2020 fuel economy standards in every grade, which means tax exemptions are applied.*2

Also, all the grades of the new X-Trail Hybrid achieve a 75 percent reduction of NOx (nitrogen oxide) and NMHC (non-methane hydrocarbons) in exhaust emissions over 2005 standards and SU-LEV certification.

The 2.0-liter MR20DD engine, which is optimized along with the hybrid system, improves its fundamental performance by removing an auxiliary belt and adopting a low-friction oil seal. The overall improved system also helps achieve fuel economy gains. The XTRONIC combined with the engine adopts the same step shift control as gasoline vehicles have, which contributes to superior fuel efficiency and strong acceleration.

The high-output lithium-ion battery is able to charge/discharge quickly. This contributes to high-speed, precise control of the electric motor and optimum clutch control, which both enable smooth start and quick shift changes. Also thanks to the battery's compactness, the new hybrid X-Trail realizes a luggage capacity of over 400L (based on the VDA method), equivalent to that of gasoline vehicles.

With the adoption of the two-clutch system, which delivers engine and motor energy mechanically to the transmission without having a motor assist or a torque converter, responsive starts and acceleration are realized. It generates more torque than a 2.5-liter gasoline engine in all speed ranges, from low to high rpm, allowing drivers to enjoy a relaxed driving. Furthermore, even while traveling up a steep slope, excellent power is achieved by combining both motor and engine power outputs.

Additionally, NissanConnect with Navigation, the latest generation in-car navigation, information and entertainment system with smartphone link application, is applied to the model for the first time. The system offers useful mobile interrogation service*3 such as displaying apps installed in a smart phone on the screen, easily setting a destination by forwarding a position information from the smart phone and sending or receiving e-mails.

●Mechanism and equipment

The limited editions that emphasize the wild and tough characteristics of Nissan's authentic SUV, the X-Trail Xtreamer-X and the Black Xtreamer-X will also be offered with its hybrid grades.

(JPY) Drive Power Train Grade Seat Transmission Price 2WD MR20DD +RM31 20X HYBRID "Emergency Brake Package" Two rows XTRONIC 2,804,760 4WD 20X HYBRID "Emergency Brake Package" 3,011,040 20X HYBRID Xteamer-X "Emergency Brake Package" 3,216,240 20X HYBRID Black Xtreamer-X "Emergency Brake Package" 3,240,000

In time for this hybrid model launch, PTC element heater (1kW) will be available for the X-Trail equipped with the gasoline engine as a manufacturer option, which goes on sale in July. The heater enables to heat a cabin in less than half the time it takes only with an existing water heater.

Nissan introduces its two-pillar strategy to reduce CO2 emissions: "Zero Emissions" and "PURE DRIVE." "PURE DRIVE" vehicles are mass-produced vehicles equipped with optimal next-generation eco-technologies, such as Idling Stop, clean Diesel and Hybrid engines. The Nissan X-Trail and The new Nissan X-Trail Hybrid are one of the "PURE DRIVE" vehicles.


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