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Founded as the first clinic for Therapeutic Fasting in Germany by Dr. Otto Buchinger I more than 90 years ago, we are one of the centres with the longest tradition for dietetic therapy, classic naturopathic treatments, homeopathy and complementary medicine.

Our holistic treatment approach puts you, the human being, into the centre, your wellbeing and your self-discovery are our goal.

As the parent house run by the Dr. Buchinger Family themselves, we still are – even in the third medical generation – directly linked to the name Buchinger and its high demands. Dr. Andreas Buchinger has run the Klinik Dr. Otto Buchinger as head physician since 25 years and is happy that his daughter Verena is also following in her predecessors' footsteps. As the uncontested original we offer you professional medical care around the clock as well as a comprehensive fitness and wellness programme, elegant rooms and luxurious suites. For us a friendly atmosphere is as much part of wellbeing as the ovo-lactovegetarian Vollwert diet, combining produce grown in our own (clinic) garden and certified-organic food. The latter is particularly important for the treatment of food allergies, which have increased dramatically during the last decades.

Besides a fully equipped spa facility with whirl pool, swimming pool, fitness area, sauna, steam bath and solarium, we provide you with a comprehensive beauty salon. After staying at Buchinger’s you will return home optimally revived and strengthened.

Do not miss the opportunity to go on excursions and sightseeing trips to the historic and scenic beauty spots within the immediate and wider vicinity: We’ll provide you with detailed written descriptions and information in English!

We are looking forward to welcoming you and will be happy to respond to any of your questions and suggestions.



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L'Equipe de la Gelenk-Klinik – dédiée aux soins pour les patients du monde entier.

Notre Vision

Notre Mission

Nous sommes spécialisés dans la recherche de solutions à long terme aux problèmes orthopédiques de nos patients. Ceci signifie qu'au lieu de rechercher un traitement "rapide" qui soulage la douleur et améliore la mobilité de vos articulations dans l’immédiat, nous essayons de trouver une solution qui va résoudre vos problèmes pour les dix prochaines années. Nous prenons aussi en compte les années à venir après cette période.


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