Stratégies de négociation binaire

Stratégies de négociation binaire

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Pays  France
Langue Français
Périodicité Hebdomadaire
Prix au numéro 5,80 €
Date de fondation 1971
Ville d’édition Boulogne-Billancourt
Site web Site officiel de Stratégies

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Le temps de la création, 1971-1984[modifier | modifier le code]

Le temps du marketing, 1984 -1991[modifier | modifier le code]

Le temps de la rationalisation : Reed International et ses successeurs, depuis 1991[modifier | modifier le code]

En janvier 2015, après avoir lancé une nouvelle version pour mobile et tablette de son application, le magazine Stratégies se réforme en profondeur avec une nouvelle formule davantage axée sur les marques et les nouvelles technologies.

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  • Site officiel de Stratégies
  • Site de Reed Business Information, éditeur de Stratégies.
  • Les coulisses du journal Stratégies
  • Portail de la presse écrite


strategy patternpolicy pattern

  • defines a family of algorithms,
  • encapsulates each algorithm, and
  • makes the algorithms interchangeable within that family.

For instance, a class that performs validation on incoming data may use a strategy pattern to select a validation algorithm based on the type of data, the source of the data, user choice, or other discriminating factors. These factors are not known for each case until run-time, and may require radically different validation to be performed. The validation strategies, encapsulated separately from the validating object, may be used by other validating objects in different areas of the system (or even different systems) without code duplication.





Strategy and open/closed principle[edit]

Since accelerate and brake behaviors change frequently between models, a common approach is to implement these behaviors in subclasses. This approach has significant drawbacks: accelerate and brake behaviors must be declared in each new Car model. The work of managing these behaviors increases greatly as the number of models increases, and requires code to be duplicated across models. Additionally, it is not easy to determine the exact nature of the behavior for each model without investigating the code in each.

See also[edit]

  • Dependency injection
  • Higher-order function
  • List of object-oriented programming terms
  • Mixin
  • Policy-based design
  • Type class


Wikimedia Commons has media related to Strategy (design pattern).

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The Wikibook Computer Science Design Patterns has a page on the topic of: Strategy implementations in various languages
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  • Strategy pattern in UML and in LePUS3 (a formal modelling notation)
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