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Courtiers binaire

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une option binaire c'est quoi - examen des courtiers d'options binaires

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Your courtiers

Characters residing in your court

Gathering courtiers[edit]

If they can marry, request to have them marry into your court.

For skills[edit]

Talented councillors

Champion commanders


highly skilled children

strong cardinal candidatestaxation-maximizing antipopesCourt Gurus

For power[edit]


Heirspretendersheirs of heirs

Potential spouses and concubines

For money[edit]

rich courtiers

lifetime administrators

rich prisoners

Court size[edit]

Your court will also grow or shrink due to marriage, because spouses move together when they can. A courtier who marries a ruler will move to the ruler's court. When two courtiers marry, the wife moves to the husband's location, or vice versa for matrilineal marriages.

Characters residing in your court[edit]


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