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If you find yourself on the receiving end for the promotions regarding the auto traderwe advise that you read our full and informative review firstas most of you already know we do not have favouritesor do anyone any favourswe tell it is at is regardless of the outcomeTherefore if you want to know if theSoftware can be trusted or should be avoided as a scamyou have come to the right place

One thing we were a little unimpressed with when watching the presentation for the software also known as the Binary Pot of Gold that is going to transform your life into something a lot more positivethere was almost little to no information regarding the softwareAs a general rule this usually ready indicates to us that we are dealing with a scambut as most of you knowwe never leave it there and look for further proof and information when publishing a review on each and every auto traderThe sad thing however in this case isif you are not well established in the binary options industryand have an extensive source of information or contactsfinding information on certain auto traders can be quite difficultwhich definitely does not make the search for legitimacy with the Tanaka Cargill Group an easy task

The info provided regarding the Binary Pot of Gold is that the unique and exclusive algorithm was created and developed by a guy with the name of James TanakaWe regrettably do not know much about himand we had to dig quite deep to find the little intelligence we were able to find on himWe believe the name he is using is some or other alias name in order to keep his true identity from the masses of people interested in his algorithmWe have however found out from a very reliable source that this is not the first algorithm that he has createdand that there is a current software out there that is already a big success and very profitableSadly though we were unable to find the name at this timebut rest assure we are not done digging yet

It has also come to our attention that the was launched by a guy named as Russel CargillAs we understand ithe is not exactly the owner of the Binary Pot of Gold Softwarehe is merely a silentwhich is not so silentinvestor into the systemand currently have shares in the Tanaka-Cargill Group Incas a resultThis does not mean much to us as there is no reason to pursue a person that is merely an investorand do not have a position in the creationprogrammingdevelopment of the Tanaka Cargill Group softwareand do not hold the CEO title as wellmeaning he actually has no physical involvement than providing funds

The question that is still probably in the forefront of everyone’s mind at this time iscan the Binary Pot of Gold be trustedis it legitshould they take the risk and register for the Tanaka Gargill Group softwareWell in all honestythe clue is in the previous sentenceand that is that this would be a riskThe surprising thing is that we have had a couple of success stories with the auto trader alreadyhowever this does not provide us with enough data yet to confirm if this systems works or notbut at the moment it does seem like it

Our advice at this time to anyone looking to join the Binary Pot of Gold auto tradershould do so with extreme cautionWe also ask those that have already opened an account to please report their finding as success rates so we can keep this review as up to date as possibleIf you do decide to give the Tanaka Cargill Group system a trywe recommend only investing the minimumand to play it safe by trading very conservatively until you are fully aware of what the software is truly capable ofAt this time the does not look like a scamhowever we are not fully convinced yetand will be continuing to do our investigation and collecting results for the following couple of weeks

When faced with a software such as the Binary Pot of Gold with little to no information availablewe recommend doing your research this time aroundand if you do not have the funds available to take the riskto rather play it safe and go with a software that has ample amount of proof and information out thereIf a system such as the Tanaka Cargill Group comes across your desk that looks the part but misses some other partsit is best to find the intelligence and be sure you know the factsbefore risking money that could be better spent elsewhere

Examen Verdict: Binary Pot of Gold is not a SCAM / Non concluants.

Website in questionby James Tanaka

For questions and feedback related to Tanaka Cargill Groupwe strongly encourage visitors to comment below this review and share your thoughts with us and othersOur goal at is to expose scam brokers and servicesbut every now and then we stumble a service that can generate a winning rateVisitfor a complete list of recommended binary options manual/auto service providersYou may also email us directly at [email protected] with all other questions


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