Automatic watering systems for hanging baskets

Automatic watering systems for hanging baskets

A - Tap Connection & Control

Automating the Watering System

As we have already discussed, water timers automate the watering system completely. They save you time and make sure your plants are regularly watered, even when you're away on holiday or a business trip.

Hozelock's programmable water timers can be directly screwed onto an outside tap. No tricky electrical wiring is required as they are battery powered. Batteries typically last an entire watering season. Programming is easy, and there's a manual override for other watering tasks.


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Drip Irrigation Systems for Hanging Baskets


a) Can I use my Plantpal in a pot with holes.

Ensure you place your pot in a saucer or a cover pot.

b) Can I use more than one Plantpal in a container.

If  you are using Plantpal in a large planter or window box you  may need 2 Plantpals, when one is empty the second will start working giving you more time between watering.

c) Can I use Plantpal in a hanging basket

We have suitable plantpal for standard baskets.

d) How do I know the right size of Plantpal for my pot Plantpal is designed for standard plant containers. You can select a Plantpal that is the same height as your plant container.

e) Can I use Plantpal with vegetables in a grow bag

Just place your Plantpal on the exposed compost area on the grow bag ensuring that the capillary mat is in contact with the compost.

f) How does Plantpal work

Plantpal works by monitoring the moisture in the compost at the bottom of a plant pot. When the compost is moist no water is released from the chamber. When the compost starts to dry out water is automatically released from the chamber.

g) Can I use Plantpal with any type of plant.

Plantpal is Ideal for all types of plants, the plant controls the release of water according to its specific requirements. If your plant is a thirsty plant it will automatically take more water from Plantpal.

h) How often do I need to water my plant with Plantpal

It all depends on the season, type and size of your plant. On average at least once a week and in some cases once a month.

i) Can I add plant food to Plantpal

You can add liquid plant food to the water to provide your plants with a balanced supply of nutrients.



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Hozelock Pot Automatic Watering Kit

Hozelock soaker hose

For a slightly more sophisticated solution, a drip irrigation system can be adapted to suit any size of garden. It involves a series of pipes and mini-sprinklers, or drippers, placed directly beneath your plants to ensure water gets right where it is needed when you turn on the tap. It is ideal for container plants, but useful anywhere you water.

Hozelock AC Pro Water Timer/Rains Sensor

You can enjoy your holiday knowing that your plants will be watered regularly while you are away. And because automatic drip systems use 90 per cent less water than handheld watering, they are also great for the environment

Just before you go, give your plants a good, thorough water. Make sure all container plants are standing on saucers. These will collect water after watering or rain, giving them an extra source of hydration.

Move all your container plants into the shade so they do not dry out too quickly in the sun, and group them closely together – they will help shade each other and produce humidity, which will keep the soil moist for longer.

And if you are still worried about watering, try this simple trick, which uses capillary action to water your container plants.

First, make a wick from a strip of cloth, then leave one end in a bucket full of water and the other end in the soil of a container. The water will wick from the bucket into the soil and water your plants.

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