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Turn Taking & Showing Interest - Speaking Exam Preparation

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Learning Spoken English

This book explains how you can learn to speak fluent English in half the time normally required in the best grammar-based English schools in your country. In six months, your spoken English fluency would be equivalent to that of a student in a typical English school who had studied English for a full year. This language-learning method is widely used by professionals and university students.

Speak English

Today, hundreds of thousands of students around the world are learning to speak English fluently using the Feedback Training Method described in this book. The Spoken English Learned Quickly MP3 audio lessons that accompany this course are available in either American or British accent.

We wish you the best of success as you learn to speak fluent English.

Table of Contents

Teaching Your Tongue to Speak English

Four Rules for Learning Spoken English

Grammar and Writing in Spoken English Study

Do You Need Beginning and Advanced Lessons?

Selecting a Text

Studying the English Verb

Success in Spoken English Study


Spoken English learned Quickly

I wish you the best of success as you study spoken English.

Source: http://freeenglishnow.com/learning-spoken-english/

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