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Corporate English Training Online with The London School of English

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English Corporate Training

Corporate English training is a different kind of ball-game altogether. Most English training classes involve development of written and spoken English skill. Whereas, in case of corporate English training is all about public speaking, writing emails and preparing all kinds of official documents.

English is the language used for all kinds of corporate communication these days all around the world. Big companies and multinational use English as the common language of communication. Most of the contracts, MoUs, presentations and documentations take place in English. With the significant evolution of communication through Internet, most communication today takes place via-email. Thus it is extremely important to know how to write a proper email, how to sign off and other etiquettes and protocols related to it. Corporate English training is also required to improve the communication skill of the employees. While working in an institution, the employees are mostly required to communicate verbally with various clients. The clientele of most of the big companies today is international, thus the knowledge of English is necessary to strike a deal or correspond.

The English language Studio of American TESOL Institute is equipped to take care of the special needs of the professionals. We are dedicated to give custom made training corporate officials. The English Language Studio offers both full time intensive language training for the corporate officials and also part time programs keeping intact the intensity of the program. We can also custom make the English language training program for a particular institution if required.

English Language Studio five days of intensive training for the Immersion program for the corporate employees. Within these five days, the students will be totally immersed in an English environment. We do not believe in memorization or parroting of language. The program is practice oriented and audiovisual aids along with it help in learning right kinds of pronunciation. The students are taught to speak correct English confidently. The experienced tutors (natives and non-natives) along with the English language studio make the program truly worthwhile. There will be regular exercises during the course a written exam at the end to evaluate the progress of the students.

The factors, which are required to develop corporate writing skills or spoken sills, are mentioned below.

  1. It is unwise to use gender specific language in corporate communications.

  2. Avoid using symbols of abbreviations.

  3. Limit usage of commas.

  4. Analogies should be strictly avoided for business communications.

  5. Do not misspell words.

  6. Avoid repetition of information.

  7. Do not end a sentence with a preposition.

  8. Development of listening and speaking skills.

  9. Various aspects of spoken English like tome, volume, accent and diction are taught during the course.

  10. Vocabulary and sentence construction, the two major part of public speaking is taken care of during the course.

  11. Apart from verbal training, the non verbal aspect of communications like gestures, postures, etiquette and overall presentation are a part of the course.

Source: http://www.englishlanguagecourse.in/englishcorporatetraining.shtml

English Corporate Training

Our wide variety of English courses are tailor-made for locals, mainlanders and other non-native speakers based on their proficiency levels, communication needs and learning objectives.

We also provide one-day workshop for some specific English topics, please click here for more information.

For Different Students

  • English lessons for Locals (all levels catered for)
  • English lessons for Mainlanders (all levels catered for)
  • English lessons for other non-native speakers (all levels catered for)

Below are some of the most popular tailor-made Business English courses requested by our corporate clients for staff training:

Industry-Specific (Business English)

  • English for the Retail Industry  More Details
  • English for the Hospitality Industry
  • English for the Catering Industry
  • English for the Logistics Industry
  • English for the Banking & Finance Industry
  • English for the Insurance Industry
  • English for the Property Management Industry
  • English for the Public Sector (official speaking & writing)

Function-Specific (Business English)

  • English for Human Resources (Featured Program: Interviewing Language Workshop for Hiring Managers)
  • English for Customer Services
  • English for Merchandisers
  • English for Sales & Marketing
  • English for PR Professionals

Skill-Specific (Office English Skills)

  • Vocabulary and Collocations
  • Grammar for Business Writing
  • Essential Writing Skills
  • Tone and Style in Business Writing
  • Email Writing (formal & informal)
  • Email Writing (netiquette & euphemisms)
  • Letter Writing
  • Report Writing (language & organization)
  • Report Writing (style & format)
  • Financial Report Writing
  • Proposal Writing
  • Replying to Enquiries and Complaints
  • Business Presentation
  • Meeting and Discussion
  • Business Negotiation
  • Customer Services (speaking)
  • Customer Services (writing)
  • Telephoning
  • Socializing
  • Public Speaking
  • Pronunciation and Intonation

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Source: http://www.ecgroup.com.hk/en/english/for-corporate

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