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Corporate english

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Corporate ESL

Corporate ESL

All training and instruction is done at a location convenient for the client.

Web based supplemental instruction is also available.

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How to change Basic English into Business English

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Thanks to reader Nick Corcodilos for sharing a link to an especially mind-numbing bit of English prose. I won’t publish the link he sent me, but I will give you an excerpt:

I looked for other examples of this kind of writing and, alas, found plenty:

I suppose the meaning of these texts can be worked out, but why write something that has to be puzzled over? I don’t mind struggling with a text that was written a couple of hundred years ago, but when it comes to contemporary writing, I won’t waste my time.

Writers need to worry when Latinate abstract nouns outnumber function words in their writing. An annual rereading of Orwell’s essay on language wouldn’t hurt:


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