Perfect Binary Options Strategy

Perfect binary options strategy

The best Binary Options Strategy

The search for a perfect strategy should be the goal of all binary traders. You need a strategy in order to lead your decision making, and help you make consistent choices. That’s the only way to reach your goal of earning a long-term, steady profit.

What is the best binary options strategy?

Please note that what you as a trader should be looking for is not THE perfect strategy, but YOUR perfect strategy. What we mean by that is that of all the strategies out there, you will not find one that wins every trade and works for every trader. What you can find is a strategy that works for you.

In other words, a binary strategy that’s perfect for you might not be perfect for other traders, and vice versa. You need a firm grasp of what sort of trader you are, how, binary options work and the way the market moves in order to establish a strategy that’s the best for you.

In this article on the best binary options strategy we look at some decisions you need to make in order to establish your perfect strategy. We’ll throw in some helpful suggestions about how to make smart choices too.

Perfect money management strategy

One element of binary trading that is often neglected is money management. This is strange and potential destructive, as this is the very most fundamental part of any successful strategy. Without good money management you simply cannot make money in this business.

Money management in this context simply means how much money you invest in trades, and how you adapt to losses and wins. You need a solid plan here because if you invest too much, you risk losing everything, and if you don’t invest enough you stand no chance of making real money.

So, how do you come up with perfect money management strategy? Here are some pointers:

The by far most important aspect of a perfect money management strategy is to set a percentage you wish to invest per trade and stick to it. This means that you need to adjust the amount you invest after every trade. When you win a trade your balance goes up, when you lose it goes down. In other words what 3 % means changes each time. Keep up, and make those frequent adjustments.

Perfect risk strategies

The second big picture strategic decision you need to make when establishing your perfect binary options strategy is the choice between high-risk trading and low-risk trading.

Risk can be rewarding, but it can also be costly. Basically, the greater risks you take, the more money you can make, but the more likely it is that you will lose. Conversely, in low-risk trading you are more likely to win, but will receive a lower reward.

So, which to choose? The two forms of basic strategy both have their fortes. You can make money with both, over time. Neither is any less likely to work for any given trading. But what’s important is that you definitely should not switch between the two on random through your trading.

The reason for this is that in all binary trading you are looking to earn a profit on average over the course of a long time period. If you trade consistently in high risk options, over time, you will win enough trades that you will compensate for many losses with some seriously big wins. If you stick with a low risk strategy your many wins will compensate for the fact that you earn a smaller return on each of them.

If you chop and chance, you might end up with a lot of high risk losses and not enough low risk wins to compensate. Not a good situation.

The decision between high-risk and low-risk really comes down to personality in the end. What suits you best as an individual? Waiting patiently for that big high-risk win, or steadily churning out smaller, low-risk wins? This is the most important consideration.

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Perfect Binary Options Strategy Guide - Best Ways To Make ,000 Per Day

Due to it’s immense house-edge, binary option by design is a pro-broker and anti-trader instrument. It’s like a casino where every time you win a bet, they pay you the money, or profit from their own pocket. Unaware of lurking dangers and seduced by binary brokers promise to get them rich, novice investors put their money in this scheme in the hope to make huge profits. In reality, more than 90% of binary traders lose their hard-earned income within one-month time. Binary option brokers are a champion at making profits. They have mastered the art of deceit; their false advertisements are the proof of that. They make money whenever a trader loses, and we know that most traders do lose.

Legitimate, effective, and working options strategies are pivotal to success in binary trading. You can make a comeback; you just need to learn how to beat your competition, your binary broker. You simply can’t make profits in this business without technical trading, and you shouldn’t feel any qualms about it. With my pugilistic strategy, your profits will skyrocket. Your wilted “personal-binary-account-manager” will never ask you to invest more money, ever again :)

In my strategy, we execute trades in one specific major binary options currency pair. The requirements for using this trading strategy are simple:

1. Monitor few pairs; wait for a special kind of price-movement [correlation], which is unique in nature. 2. More importantly, enter a binary options trade at the correct time.

Ergodic Oscillator, FiboRetracement, InstantTrendLine etc. my trading strategy uses none of MT4/ MT5 indicators or any EAs. You need to observe and analysis charts manually; it’s a completely manual strategy.

60 Seconds Trading

Anyone can use this 60 seconds strategy with confidence to win almost every-trade; however, in order to fully grasp the concept behind this strategy, you do need to gain some experience first by practicing in a demo binary options trading account.

In every successful trader’s story, there is a trading technique whose standing with the trader relates not to how complicated it is but to what success rate it can produce. In other words, it doesn’t matter if my binary trading technique is complicated or simple. You don’t get to make profits in binary options by using some rogue strategy. If you are a serious contender, then you must be willing to invest time and put effort in order to reap the benefits of my strategy.

Binary trading is a merciless venture. Traders lose their hard-earned money in seconds and they keep on repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Without using an effective strategy, there is no way you can make profits consistently in binary trading. You can try to win trades using your sheer luck, but that is never gonna work, and you will always lose money by the end of the day. Companies who offer binary options are advertising this trading instrument as being the easiest way of getting rich; that is anything but the truth.

Making profits in binary trading is certainly possible but only if you use effective strategies or techniques that give profits consistently. Creating such a strategy can take months or even years. If it were an easy task, then more than 90% of binary options traders wouldn’t be losing money. Many people waste time and cash but they fail to find a way to achieve a winning ratio of 80% or more. A strategy might work on paper but that isn’t enough; you need something that works flawlessly in real trading.

I am a Forex trader with years of experience. I have spent countless hours in creating multiple binary options strategies; they have 80% or more ITM ratio. My strategy can change your life, in a good way. I will show you a legitimate, unique, and a solid method to use in binary trading. However, before you begin using it in your real trading account, you will need to practice in a demo account to gain authority over the techniques that my strategy use. Using this strategy, you can finally beat the binary options trading platform. You can use it to make profits every day. The winning ratio is high. The expiry-time used is 60 seconds but this strategy may also work in 30 and 120 seconds trade.

You must also realize that many binary brokers are famous for not paying profits to their customers. In other words, these options companies are a scam. They always find some excuse to not pay you your money if you are a successful trader. So not only do you need an effective strategy, you must also join a legitimate and honest binary options broker. Don’t worry, I will show you a broker who you can always trust. Joining my recommended broker is NOT a requirement. You can use any broker you like.

I will reveal to you my working binary trading strategies using which you can win almost every trade that you execute correctly in 60 seconds trading platform. I have more than three profitable strategies. This page is about the first one.

You probably ask yourself, why exactly is this guy selling his binary options strategies? It’s a valid question.

All along, the question about this system has been whether it’s too good to be true, said a buyer in an email, he sent to me few weeks back. I asked him to check the feedback I received at eBay for this binary strategy. More than hundred buyers purchased it from eBay and no one ever complained. Thirty-six of them were kind enough to spare sometime for giving me a feedback. You will also see these testimonies on this page a few paragraphs below.

I never revealed my strategies to anyone before, selfish me. :) But honestly speaking, all binary traders should keep their working systems to themselves if they want to reap the benefits uninterruptedly. Any strategy, which you publish online, for all to see, will eventually fizzle out.

Profitable Strategies

I intend to earn a little more money by disclosing my strategies to those who wish to purchase them. I realized that they are not going to die even if I sell them to hundreds of traders. This is because the binary options strategies I use takes advantage of a certain price movement. This correlation is not going anywhere and the only way options brokers can stop me is if they block trading in the currency pair that I use, which I highly doubt will ever happen because it is a major Forex pair.

With months of trading, you might eventually stumble upon an effective trading strategy, but for those of you who would prefer to start defeating binary options from today, I propose a simple yet fruitful deal. For a price, which is probably less than what you invest in your average single 60 seconds trade, you can buy my first and most effective trading strategy.

My binary options strategies focus on quality, and not quantity of the trades. The ultimate goal is to win all trades and lose none.

Look at following binary trading history.

These images show 13 consecutive wins and 1 cancelled trade.

More binary trade history images are available at the end of this page, below the live trade example.

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Learn How to Trade Binary Options!

Binary Options have been around for a while now but recently (since 2008) have been a hit among the new traders. They were originally introduced as Digital Options and basically, binary means 2 values and in the case of finance mean up and down. This series will be dedicated to teaching the logistics of Trading Binary Options, the in’s and out’s along with various Binary Options Trading Strategies.

Since Binary Options are derivatives (rely on underlying assets), the lessons outlined here may overlap with other series. Especially the case with Forex since that is the market that I focus my attention on because I find it easier to use Forex as the underlying asset for Binary Options Trading compared to other markets. Thus, the lessons here will give you the ability to trade Forex Binary Options.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize how flawed the binary options industry is nowadays. Internet marketers have destroyed the markets by flooding it with misleading information and products. Doing a simple search on Youtube or Google will yield 100’s of binary options scams. I couldn’t stand by and watch, as more and more traders were being misled on a daily basis. So I’ve made a series of binary options educational videos here at Financial Trading School to help new and old traders alike.

As you’ll soon realize after watching my videos, I’m not here to bullshit you or waste your time. At the same time however, I’m not here to hold your hand, trading binary options is a hard task and is not fit for everyone. All of the videos I’ve provided are free of charge and are uploaded on Youtube, so you can watch them at your leisure anytime and anywhere you want. All of the lessons are taught from a neutral standpoint, what you do with the information is up to you. This is where the hard work comes in, you’re expected to put in the effort to figure out. Don’t worry too much though, I provide plenty of chart examples to illustrate the theory.

Below you’ll find the complete index of all my lessons in the Binary Options (BO) series. Simply click on the course code to watch the lessons, also please take note of the pre- and co-requisites. I hope the videos help you as you venture into the world of Binary Options.

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