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Best Binary Broker Mission

Information they say is wealth and that is exactly what Best Binary Broker is here for- creating wealth. Our core mission is to provide you with useful and executable information and resource regarding forex and binary options that will significantly improve your trading knowledge and expertise. On our platform, you will find troves of information on binary options that includes the different types of strategies, comprehensive forex, and binary options guides, latest forex and binary options articles and the most current news and analysis from the market.

Making Money With Binary Options Trading

Since 2008 when binary options burst into the scene, investing and making money with binary options has become increasingly attractive to individuals and investors who invest in currencies, commodities, shares, and equities.  Binary trading derives it name from the fact that only two options exist in this type of investment. Just like placing a bet, binary options involves wagering that an asset will either decrease or increase in value or a certain period of time. This makes binary options a self-regulating market that offers the opportunity to rein in overrated stocks by smartly speculating a decrease in a company’s value.

In binary options trading, you are ultimately betting that the price of a specific asset will either decrease or increase during a given period. However, unlike other financial trading instruments, you have the luxury of knowing your risk and profit in advance, well before the trade is placed. This makes it an excellent means of getting into the financial market with a huge outlay of reserved capital and it minimizes risk and offers you the opportunity to trade with what you have. To have a better understanding of forex and binary options trading, it is important you take advantage of the information provided by Best Binary Broker to give yourself a good chance of making money online through binary options trading.

Selecting The Best Binary Broker You Can

You can give yourself a better chance of becoming successful with binary options trading if you choose the right trading platform or broker when venturing into this industry. Researching and reading reviews on all trading platform will ensure you select the most reliable one when starting out.  On Best Binary Broker, we have a comprehensive list of the most reliable binary option brokerage platforms along with helpful tips and hints on how to choose the best binary broker that suit your needs.

Binary Options Trading Signals and Why You need them

Binary options signals can help you earn more money during your trading adventure. It is, therefore, important to take advantage of this signal service to further your trading agenda. The signals are sent via SMS or email on scheduled date and time. Basically, the purpose of these signals is to inform you of the expected direction of the price of a specific asset within a specific time-frame.  The signals are incredibly useful and essential for anyone who wants to successful trade binary options. Regardless of your level of experience in the industry, signals offer you the tools to make informed binary options investment decision.

While no system can be said to be entirely foolproof, most signal services exhibit a high win rate with an accuracy of more than 70 percent. In situations where you are not properly advised on the ongoing development in the market, signal service can become extremely useful when you need information to make a trading decision.

Binary Options Scam

There have been a lot of discussion of the prevalence of scam in binary options and some ask if binary options is a scam. The simple answer is no. While there are a couple of black sheep in the industry, binary options generally make financial trading easier than it has ever been. It also offers excellent return for smart investors that sometimes go as high as 91 percent or more. This allows for trading opportunities with very high return on investment in as little as a single minute.  Because your risk and return are known way before you enter into a trade, you will find it relatively easy to get into the financial market without a huge investment reserve. Binary options also offer you the opportunity to become financially independent by making online at the convenience of your home or anywhere you want.

Binary Options Trading

Binary Options is relatively news on the financial trading landscape.  This financial trading method was first approved by the U.S Security and Exchange Commission in 2008 and they have since then been openly traded online while binary options brokers serving as the trade facilitators.

Part of the reason why binary options is appealing to many investors is it simple win or lose scenario of trade and also the possibility of knowing your risk and profit upfront before a trade is entered into. In theory, it sounds simple but in reality, where moving prices are concerned, it can be anything but simple.

How We Do It

As an organization founded by people with extensive knowledge and experience in international finance and global trading, makes the best use of it founders’ expertise and skill set to develop and consistently maintain the platform as the global information hub for online forex and binary options trading.

We would take a closer look at some of the areas of trading that we cover on the platform and how these can contribute to helping you craft a winning strategy that will bring in consistent profit for you.

Binary Options Trading Tools

Best binary broker will give you the opportunity to learn about the basic tools needed for successful binary options trading. We will also furnish you with the most current and updated information about how to use the tools successfully.

Generally, binary options are typically viewed as highly complex and sophisticated trade options; however, it is extremely easy to figure out how it works in reality. Best binary broker will offer you an in-depth analysis of the available trading tools and teach you how to manipulate and apply them to make trade winning decisions.

Binary Options Strategies That Makes Money Online

Contrary to public opinion, binary options trading require very little financial trading experience to get a handle on. There is a general misconception that equates being successful at binary options with having a lot of experience of the financial market and binary options trading in particular. That is definitely not the case. However, there is still the need to learn some strategies that will place you in a good position to start making consistent profit.

Best binary broker is perhaps the most reliable source of information concerning all trading tools and strategies. This information will teach you how to predict the most fundamental requirement of trading- the direction an asset will trend. Learning how to make trades that correctly predicts the directions of the price of an asset will give you the platform to consistently make profit on your trades. Most successful traders became what they are by deploying simple trading strategies and methods.

Brokers Reviews

Becoming a successful binary options trader will be a lot more difficult if you do not know where to place your trades.  It is extremely important to use more than one brokage platform and learn how to exploit the different trading tools that each platform has to help you make successful traders.

However, it will be impossible to visit and review all trading platforms with over 400 of them currently active. But you have nothing to worry about as we have done all the hard work for you. We regularly post updated reviews and information on most of the top binary options trading brokers currently available online.

Binary Options Signals Providers

Great strategies are awesome, but they won’t be very much useful if you don’t understand the technicalities involved in looking for key signals on various technical analysis tools. This is where having a great signal service will be very important. Binary options trading signals can potentially turn an average trader into a great one.

Best binary broker has a done the hard job of reviewing some of the best and most trusted signal providers you will find anywhere on the internet.  Signing up with one of them will save you a lot of time on analyzing and researching market date, which will generally allow you to completely focus on marking informed trading decision that that brings consistent profit.

Binary Options Robots

As with our general focus, Best binary broker will also provide a thorough review and analysis of all major binary options trading software.  In all fairness, we were really impressed by the ease of use and exceptional unique offering of most of these software providers.

Binary Options Education

Our major goal is to inform and educate you on possibly all aspects of binary options trading. The old saying ‘knowledge is power’ applies to binary options trading too. is here to teach you how to use trading knowledge in an organized and specifically targeted way to make profit.

Forex Trading Guide

Binary options trading is intricately tied with other financial trading methods. You need to be familiar with some aspects of forex trading to be successful with binary options. Best binary broker have reviewed some of the best forex brokers to make it easy for you to choose the best for your specific trading needs.

Let Us Be Part of Your Binary Options Trading

Binary options trading can become an exciting way of making money on your investment as you learn more about it. Our aim is to educate you to the point where you are constantly minimizing your risk and maximizing your profit. Our goal of being the best binary information portal has always driven us to keep updating and constantly improving our website and user experience. We would like to see you more often here as we guide you on your way to becoming a well-informed and highly successful trader that you are meant to be.

Binary Options Trading Regulations

Despite the popularity and advancement of binary option, some investors are still unwilling to invest in this market due to issues relation to security and binary options regulations. This heightened sense of caution is due in part to a lack of trust in the financial system.

Putting the recent financial crises and scandals that have erupted over the last decade in the U.S into view, new investors into binary options cannot be accused of being over-cautious. However, the lack of understanding of how binary options operate can be said to be the cause of the current misconception.

The Regulatory Framework Surrounding Binary Options

Currently, The Republic of Cyprus is one of the most visible choice locations for binary options brokers. Sadly, though, most investors tend to see the country as unsophisticated with little or no financial regulations in place due to the fact that it is one of the “undeveloped’’ economies in Europe.  While some investors erroneously think that most binary options brokers chose this location as a base for their operation in order to avoid accountability and oversight, the reality is, most brokers choose Cyprus because of low tax rates as compared to other countries.

Notably, corporate profits are taxed at 24 percent in the UK and it gets even higher in the US where companies can sometimes be taxed up to the region of 35 percent.  In contrast, taxes are only 10 percent in Cyprus.  In light of this, it makes complete business sense that most brokers choose to locate their business in Cyprus. Some of you would have observed that most binary options brokers do not accept US citizens so as to avoid being taxed by the Americans.

Most people would argue that the financial regulation in countries like UK and Germany are higher than those of Cyprus. This is clearly due to the fact the most people do not understand how the Eurozone Market operates.  The regulatory framework within the Eurozone was harmonized with the issuance of (MiFID) Market in Financial Instruments Directive by the European Union parliament in Brussels. The MiFID was specially promulgated to increase protection as well as facilitate the integration of various financial markets into a single market. It should, however, be noted that Cyprus is in total compliance with the Market in Financial Instruments Directive, under the investment and service and activities and regulated Market Laws.

Legal Protection and Security

Due to the facts mentioned above, Cyprus actually holds a higher standard in fiduciary duties when it comes to legal protection from rogue investment institutions than the U.K. It will also interest you to know that the U.K is still not in full compliance of the Market in Financial instruments Directs (MiFID). It will be prudent to consider that binary options is still a relatively new financial innovation and therefore has little or no Legal framework with which regulators can work with. The OCT markets have historically been self-regulated which is why there are very little legislation in place to cover binary options trading. The framework to regulate binary options was only recently put in place. In fact, Cyprus is one of the very first EuroZone countries to have a legal standard for binary options trading. With this legal framework, the regulatory authorities such as (CySEC) Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission is now fully empowered to act under the financial regulatory framework

It might also come as a surprise to investors that binary options are not classified as ‘financial options’ under U.K’s Financial Service Act. They are instead regulated by the Gaming Commission of the U.K. where binary options are in fact categorized as ‘bets’. Gambling debts are known as ‘debt of honor’ and are not enforceable in the U.K court system. Can you imagine how hard it will be to sue a United Kingdom based broker for a ‘debt of honour’ when you have no legal ground to stand on? In terms of legal protection, Cyprus is the best place for binary options based on this premise.

Understanding Binary Options

What are binary options? This is one of the most common questions in the mind of many beginners in the world of binary options trading. Binary options are simply a form investment in the financial market, where traders- also known as contracts- has fixed risk as well as reward. These trades are called binary options because they involve only two options.  In the same vein, these trades typically involve getting one or the other payout options at the expiry of the contract. Some of the trading options in this market include touch or no touch options and up or down options.

The working of binary options is pretty easy: all a trader needs to do is to indicate whether a particular asset, which most times include stocks, commodities, and currency pairs, will depreciate or appreciate within a specific period of time. You will know the expected payout and risk on your position before going ahead with the trade.  Mostly, the payout is a percentage of profit you will make if your prediction is right at the end of your contract. For most brokers, the payout amount is between the regions of 70 to 85 percent of the amount invested. Similarly, you will lose the bet and the money you place on it if your prediction on the open position is wrong at the time the contract expires.


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assets offered and the rates of return

predicting the price motion

For those of you who intend on trading the most widely available underlying assets, what’s more important than the dozens of assets that you will never consider is the rate that you will be earning on your trades. If one place is offering 70 percent and another is offering 75 percent, this might not seem like a huge difference—especially considering other factors—but the higher payout will always be your best choice.

offer a rebate on losing trades

brokers offer higher payouts on these two underlying assets

Choosing the right binary options broker is important, but don’t be distracted by things you do not need while making your decision.


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