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Trading options for dummies pdf

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A question I get asked on a regular basis by those interested in trading is, “what books do you recommend?” Perhaps you came to this article thinking the same thing?

Well, you’re in luck because I’ve spent the last 30 years – and a ton of money – buying and reading every trading and investing book out there so you don’t have to. This list represents the best of those books, the ones I can, with no reservations, 100% recommend – except of course for those at the end that I’ve declared are “avoids.”

As with every list, there will be disagreements.

“Why is that book on the list?”

Ivan is a great trader and master at finding hot momentum stocks. He does a great job in this book showing you how you can find stocks that have the ability to become the next Apple, aka, big winner.

Abnormal Returns: Winning Strategies from the Frontlines of the Investment Blogosphere


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As the payoff diagram above shows, this strategy profits as long as the stock or index you are trading stays within the two upper and lower spread positions. Sounds simple and easy right? Just find a market that is in a trading range and BOOM, you have a profit. Well, it’s just not that easy.

Our RUT Iron Condor Problem

bad tradesSo what went wrong?

When I entered the position I was being extra conservative (as always) and had a very wide Iron Condor. But what happened on this particular trade was that I left more downside room anticipating a continued sell-off.

Below is the exact chart that I sent out with the trading alert...

take a small overall loss

What Did We Learn?

Iron Condor Money Management

The precise time is not critical of course, but suggested. Different market conditions will yield different opportunities and you have to balance the risks and rewards. If you enter the position earlier then you can get higher premiums and therefore increase your monthly income. However, the more time you give the market, the more risk exists for the market to move against you right? Experience really helps in this area.

Choosing The Right Strikes

With Iron Condors, you should apply some basic statistics when deciding if strike prices are "far enough" out of the money and safe. The classic "bell shaped curve" is something we have all seen in various areas can also be applied to the stock market.

random and similar in frequency

IMPORTANT NOTEnormal bell curveBlack Swan


The Iron Condor strategy is a great conservative, non-directional tool for options traders. If you focus on trading high probability spreads and stay away from the high return trap that some beginners fall into, then you will be well on your way to success.

Take your time with these as a beginner and learn how each part works when building the Iron Condor position.


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