Options trading for beginners

Options trading for beginners

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How to Trade Options: A Beginners Introduction to Trading Stock Options by ChartGuys.com

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Thank you for choosing this opportunity to take your options education to the next level. Whether you are new to investing or are a seasoned professional, using options can be an efficient and easy way to protect the profits you have made, limit your loss, gain additional income or secure a specific stock price.

The Options Institute's online courses are designed to help every level of investor gain a fuller understanding of the uses of listed options. Complete the courses you feel would be most suitable for building your knowledge and confidence in using listed options.

Source: http://www.cboe.com/LearnCenter/courses.aspx

Coming 01/03/2017

We've got some huge changes coming in 2017!

The dough trading technology you've come to know and love will be moving to a new home. On January 3rd, 2017, we will be launching our brand new brokerage firm, tastyworks!

You may be wondering how this will affect your use of dough.

Beginning in January, you will no longer be able to access your brokerage (TD Ameritrade) account using dough's software platforms.

The good news is if you wish to use the dough trading platform after December 31st, 2016, tastyworks will be open for business and accepting new account applications beginning January 3rd, 2017.

The dough trading technology will be rebranded and available on the tastyworks platforms (A brand new Desktop Application, Web and Mobile Android at launch).

Customers interested in learning more about tastyworks are invited to sign up for updates and preferred access, when available. Register using the form below.

Source: https://www.dough.com/

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