Nadex trading strategies

Nadex trading strategies

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Here’s a look at some of the more common misconceptions.

Binary Options are Just Gambling

If you buy a binary priced at 20, there is a low probability of it paying off. Your cost is , while your potential profit is .

If you sell a binary priced at 20, then there’s a high probability of it paying off. But your cost is , while your potential profit is .

Binary Options May Only Be Bought Not Sold

You will not find the binary option chain for the puts. To sell a binary you are taking the opposite view, you’re bearish the underlying market and think it will finish at or below the strike at expiration. So to sell a binary, you go short the binary at the trade price.

Remember that the binary contract is fully collateralized.

Binary Buyer: is long at 28 trade price and his cost is per contract.

Fully Collateralized: buyer cost + seller cost = 0 Expiration payout

You Are Required to Hold Your Position Until Expiration

Binary Options are Not Regulated

Many binary options that are traded over the counter outside of the US are not regulated.

Binary Options are Not Transparent

Trading Binary Options Requires Enormous Capital



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However, you may find that your strategies gain an extra edge from the limited risk nature of binary options and spreads. We’ll show you how to combine the advantages of Nadex with trusted trading strategies.

First, get an overview of technical analysis, the study of price movement. Instead of guessing how a market might react to news, weather, and other events, technical analysts look at what the price is actually doing. Is it making higher highs and higher lows repeatedly? Then it’s in an uptrend and your best course of action is usually to go with that trend. For technical analysts, price is the only truth.

Then learn about moving averages, the basis of most technical indicators like the MACD, stochastics, or Bollinger bands. Even fundamental (non-technical) traders will make some use of moving averages to gauge a market’s overall direction.


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