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Does the Binary Options Broker Have a Legal Status?

In order to check the legal status of the binary options broker, the most optimal way would be to find out, whether a binary broker possesses a permit from a serious state organization in a credible country. These organizations are Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission in Cyprus and the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK. These licenses mean that brokers (or their parent enterprises) have an entirely legal status to operate.

The Location of the Binary Options Broker

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The Quantity of Offered Assets by Binary Options Broker

When the legal status is confirmed and it is checked that the binary broker is not a fraud, it is possible to move to analyzing the particular binary broker. The quantity of assets is the primary factor. The more they are, the better it is.

What is the Rate for Returns?

One more crucial aspect to check is the return rates. It is obvious, that it is the best for you, when the return rate is the highest possible. Currently, the minimal return rate, being the standard of the field, is 80%.

Remember to evaluate, whether the particular binary options broker offers really high return rates for one-touch and boundary options. In majority of the situations, these should include the returns of approximately 400%.

There are binary brokers, who think, that traders do not realize the actual returns for one-touch options, which are considered to be really high. Thus, they propose the usual 80%. This is not a very trustful thing to do. If a binary options broker does not offer the corresponding return rates, we add them to the black list right away.

Which Binary Options Platform Is In Use?

The Variety of Options Offered

The options include many types, for example, high or low, ladder, one-touch or boundary. A reputable broker today should have all of the mentioned ones. Some time ago it might have been enough to work with just high/low options, but in 2016 this is impossible.

Why it is so much unacceptable? Because some of the most profitable options are the ones, known as exotic options, for example, boundary and one-touch. Previous points stated that these options are able to bring up to 400% or in separate case almost 600%.

Binary Options Deposit and Withdrawal Conditions

For now we almost done with evaluating the binary options broker according to every evaluation point. What is next is to make my registration and test the real binary options trading process. But before, it is necessary to search for the homepages and forums of certain famous binary options in order to evaluate, whether there are any negative reviews in relation to withdrawals. You can easily find many serious and self-sufficient forums available, which are regulated by users and tolerate negative reviews about binary brokers. Speaking about the binary options deposits, the most crucial thing to mention is the quantity of depositing means offered. The following payment means should be offered by each binary options broker - credit card, wire transfer and such services as “PayPal” and “MoneyBookers”. Concerning the withdrawals, the most crucial aspect is the payment related processing time.


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